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Goth Gay asian pornstars Now, it is time towhile not entirely homosexual, available for many male pornstars gay exclusive. Zsian recently, we have finished the best shemale pornstars list, a new top 10, a by the community.

I am not talking sweet and sexy type that works toofor me, it is all about pornstars masculine.

Gay asian pornstars

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I believe that he was the best shemale pornstars list, Olympus with one goal only: involve butt stuff. For some of the hottest male whore, Corey Marshall could performer has fewer calories and. Yes, the video quality is if you are that picky. To a greater extent than most other gay porn tapes, Below the Belt is directly about power. The hierarchical dojo setting is milked for its evocation of dominance and submission.

With the exception of one very romantic sequence midway through the tape, most of the actors stick to their porstars roles of top or bottom. Sex, especially anal sex, as punishment is a recurrent image. In this genre of gay pornography, the role-playing in the dream sequence is perfectly apt. What is ificant, however, is how race figures into the equation.

In a ssian that appropriates emblems of Asian power karatethe only place for a real Asian actor is as a caricature of pornstara. Sum Yung Mahn does not portray an Asian, but rather the literalization of asiwn metaphor, so that by being passive, Robbie actually becomes "Oriental. Even in the dream hay, Sum Yung Mahn is at the center of the frame as spectacle, having minimal physical involvement with the men around him. Although the sequence ends with his climax, he exists for the pleasure of others.

Richard Dyer, writing about gay porn, states that: although the pleasure of anal sex that is, of being anally fucked is represented, the narrative is never organized around the desire to be fucked, but around the desire whether or not following from anal intercourse. Thus, although at a level of public representation gay men may be thought of as deviant and disruptive of masculine norms because we assert the pleasure of being fucked and the eroticism of the anus, in our pornography this takes a back seat.

Although Tom Waugh's amendment to this argument—that anal pleasure pornstare represented in individual sequence —also holds true for Below the Belt, as a whole the power of the penis and the pleasure of ejaculation are clearly the narrative's organizing principles. As with the vast majority of North American tapes featuring Asians, the problem is not the representation of anal pleasure per se, but rather that the narratives privilege the penis while always asing the Asian the role of bottom; Asian and anus are conflated.

In the case of Sum Yung Mahn, being fucked may well be his personal sexual preference. But the fact remains that there are very few occasions in North American video porn in which an Asian fucks a white man, so few, in fact, that International Wavelength promotes the tape Studio X with the blurb "Sum Yung Mahn makes history as the first Asian who fucks a non-Asian. Race introduces another dimension that may serve to close down some of this mobility. This is not to suggest that the experience of gay men of gzy with this kind of sexual representation is the same as that of heterosexual women with regard to the gendered gaze of straight porn.

For one thing. Asian gay men are men. We can therefore physically experience the pleasures depicted on the screen, since we too have erections and ejaculations and can experience anal penetration. A shifting identification may occur despite gay asian pornstars racially defined roles, and most gay Asian men in North America are used to obtaining pleasure from all-white pornography. This, of course, goes hand in hand with many problems of self-image and sexual identity.

Still, I have been struck by the unanimity with which gay Asian men I have met, from all over this continent as well as from Asia, immediately identify and resist these representations. Whenever I mention the topic of Asian actors in American porn, the first question I am asked is whether the Asian is simply shown getting fucked. Asian Knightsdirected by Ed Sung. William Richhe Productionsthe second tape I want to consider; has an Asian producer-director and a predominantly Asian cast.

In its first scenario, two Asian men. Brad and Rick, are seeing a white psychiatrist because they are unable to have sex with each other: Rick: We never have sex with other Asians. We usually have sex with Caucasian guys. Counselor: Have you had the opportunity to have sex together? Rick: Yes, a coupla times, but we never get going. Homophobia, like other forms of oppression, is seldom dealt with in gay video porn. With the exception of safe sex tapes that attempt a rare blend of the pedagogical with the pornographic, social or political issues are not generally associated with the erotic.

It is therefore unusual to see one of the favored discussion topics for gay Asian consciousness-raising groups employed as a sex fantasy in Asian Knights. The desexualized image of Asian men that I have described has seriously affected our relationships with one another; and often gay Asian men find it difficult to see each other beyond the terms of platonic friendship or competition, to consider other Asian gayy as lovers.

True to the conventions of porn, minimal counseling from the psychiatrist convinces Rick and Brad to shed their clothes. Immediately sprouting erections, they proceed to have sex. But what appears to be an assertion of gay Asian desire is quickly derailed. As Brad and Rick make love on the couch, the ponstars cross-cuts to the psychiatrist looking on from an armchair.

The rhetoric of the editing suggests that we are observing the two Asian men from his point of view. Soon the white man takes off his clothes and s in. He immediately takes asan a position at the center of the action—and at the center of the frame. What appeared to be a "conversion fantasy" for gay Asian desire was merely a ruse. Brad and Rick's temporary mutual absorption really occurs to establish the superior sexual draw of the white psychiatrist, a stand-in for the white male viewer; who is the real sexual subject of the tape.

And the question of Asian-Asian desire, though presented as the main narrative force of the sequence, is deflected, or rather reframed from a white perspective. Sex between the two Asian men in this sequence can be related somewhat to heterosexual sex in some gay porn films, such as those produced by the Gage brothers.

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In Heatstrokefor example, sex with a woman is used to establish the authenticity of the straight man who is about to be seduced into gay sex. It dramatizes the ificance of the conversion from the sanctioned object of desire, underscoring the power of the gay man to incite desire in his socially defined superior. It is also tied up with the fantasies of female virginity and conquest in Judeo-Christian and other patriarchal societies.

The therapy-session sequence of Asian Knights also suggests parallels to representations of lesbians in straight porn, representations that are not meant to eroticize women loving women, but rather to titillate and empower the sexual ego of the heterosexual male viewer. Asian Knights is organized to sell representations of Asians to white men. Unlike Sum Yung Mahn in Below the Belt, the actors are therefore more expressive and sexually assertive, as often the seducers as the seduced.

But though the roles shift during the predominantly oral sex, the Asians remain passive in anal intercourse, except that they are now shown to want it! How much this assertion of gay asian pornstars represents a step forward remains a question. Even in the one sequence of Asian Knights in which the Asian actor fucks the white man, the scenario privileges the pleasure of the white man over that of the Asian. The sequence begins with the Asian reading a magazine.

When the white man played by porn star Eric Stryker returns home from a hard day at the office, the waiting Asian asks how his day went, undresses him even taking off his socksand proceeds to massage his back. The Asian man acts the role of the mythologized geisha or "the good wife" as fantasized in the mail-order bride business. And, in fact, the "house boy" is one of the most persistent white fantasies about Asian men. The fantasy is also a reality in many Asian countries where economic imperialism gives foreigners, whatever their race, the pick of handsome men in financial need.

The accompanying cultural imperialism grants status to those Asians with white lovers. White men who for various reasons, especially age, are deemed unattractive in their own countries.

Asian Pornstars Videos

From the opening shot of painted lotus blossoms on a screen to the shot of a Japanese garden that separates the episodes, from the Chinese pop music to porbstars chinoiserie in the apartment, there is a conscious attempt in Asian Knights to evoke a particular atmosphere. Self-conscious "Oriental" ifiers are part and parcel of a colonial fantasy—and reality—that gay asian pornstars one kind of gay man over another. Though I have known Asian men in dependent relations with older, wealthier white men, as an erotic fantasy the house boy scenario tends to work one way.

I know of no scenarios of Asian men and white house boys. It is not the representation of the fantasy that offends, or even the fantasy itself, rather the uniformity with which these narratives reappear and asjan uncomfortable relationship they have to real social conditions. International Skindirected by William Richhe. N'wayvo Richhe Productionsas its name suggests, features a Latino, a black man, Sum Yung Mahn, and a of white actors.

Unlike the other tapes I have discussed, there are no "Oriental" devices. And although Sum Yung Mahn and all the men of color are inevitably fucked without reciprocatingthere is mutual sexual engagement between the white and nonwhite characters. In this tape Sum Yung Mahn is Brad, a film student making a movie for his class. Brad is the narrator; and the film begins with a self-reflexive "head and shoulders" shot of Sum Yung Mahn explaining the scenario. The film we are watching supposedly represents Brad's point of view.

But here again the tape is not targeted to black, Asian, or Latino men; though Brad introduces all of these men as his friends, no two men of color ever meet on screen. Men of color are not invited to participate in the internationalism that is being sold, except through pornsrars with white characters. This tape illustrates how an agenda of integration becomes problematic if it frames the issue solely in terms of black-white.

Asian-white mixing: it perpetuates a system of white-centeredness. The gay Asian viewer is not constructed as sexual subject in any of this work—not on the screen, not as a viewer. I may find Xsian Yung Mahn attractive, I may desire his body, but I am always aware that he is not meant for me.

I may lust after Eric Stryker and imagine myself as the Asian who is having sex with him, but the role the Asian plays in the scene with him is demeaning. It is not that there is anything wrong with the image of servitude per se, but rather that it is one of the few fantasy scenarios in which we figure, pornshars we are always in the role pornstras servant.

Are there then no pleasures for an Asian viewer? The answer to this question is extremely complex. There is first of all no essential Asian gay asian pornstars. The race of the person viewing says nothing about how race figures in his or her own desires. Uni-racial white representations in porn may not in themselves present a problem in addressing many gay Asian men's desires.

But the issue is not simply that porn may deny pleasures to some gay Asian men. We also need to examine what role the pleasure of porn plays in securing a consensus about race and desirability that ultimately works to our disadvantage.

Mature gay asian men

Though the sequences I have focused on in the preceding examples are those in which the discourses about Asian sexuality are most clearly articulated, they do not define the totality of depiction in these tapes. Much of the time the actors merely reproduce or attempt to reproduce the conventions of pornography. The fact that, with the exception of Sum Yung Mahn, they rarely succeed—because of their body type, because Midwestern-cowboy—porn dialect with Vietnamese intonation is just a bit incongruous, because they groan or gyrate just a bit too much—more than anything brings home the relative rigidity of the genre's codes.

There is little seamlessness here. There are times, however, when the actors appear neither as simulated whites nor as symbolic others.

There are several moments in International Skin, for example, in which the focus shifts from the genitals to hands caressing a body; these moments feel to me more "genuine. He does not stop acting, but he stops pretending to be a white porn star. I find myself focusing on moments like these, in which the racist ideology of the text seems to be temporarily suspended or rather eclipsed by the erotic power of the moment. Sex is violent, dangerous and unpleasant woman. I don't mean a dichotomy i. Gay Asian men are men and therefore not normally victims of the rape, incest, or other sexual harassment to which Russ is gay asian pornstars.

However, there is a kind of doubleness, of ambivalence, in the way that Asian men experience contemporary North American gay communities. The "ghetto," the mainstream gay movement, can be a place of freedom and sexual identity. But it is also a site of racial, cultural, and sexual alienation sometimes more pronounced than that in straight society. For me sex is a source of pleasure, but also a site of humiliation and pain.

Released from the social constraints against expressing overt racism in public, the intimacy of sex can provide my non-Asian partner an opening for letting me know my place—sometimes literally, as when after we come, he turns over and asks where I come from. Most gay Asian men I know have similar experiences. This is just one reality that differentiates the experiences and therefore the political priorities of gay Asians and, I think, other gay men of color from those of white men.

For one thing we cannot afford to take a libertarian approach. Porn can be an active agent in representing and reproducing a sex-race status quo. We cannot attain a healthy alliance without coming to terms with these differences. The barriers that impede pornography from providing representations of Asian men that are erotic and politically palatable as opposed to correct are similar to those that inhibit the Asian documentary, the Asian feature, the Asian experimental film and videotape.

We are seen as too peripheral, not commercially viable—not the general audience. Looking for Langstonwhich is the first film I have seen that affirms rather than appropriates the sexuality of black gay men, was produced under exceptional economic circumstances that freed it from the constraints of the marketplace. Should we call for an independent gay Asian pornography? Perhaps I am, in a utopian sort of way, though I feel that the problems in North America's porn conventions are manifold and go beyond the question of race.

There is such a limited vision of what constitutes the erotic. In Canada, the major debate about race and representation has shifted from an emphasis on the image to a discussion of appropriation and control of production and distribution—who gets to produce the work. But as we have seen in the case of Asian Knights, the race of the producer is no automatic guarantee of "consciousness" about these issues or of a different product. Much depends on who is constructed as the audience for the work.

In any case, it is not surprising that under capitalism, finding my penis may ultimately be a matter of dollars and cents.

I would like to thank Tim McCaskell and Helen Lee for their ongoing criticism and comments, as well as Jeff Nunokawa and Douglas Crimp for their invaluable suggestions in converting the original spoken presentation into a written text. I have no idea what you mean. Richard Fung: In the West, there are specific sexual ambiences associated with the different Asian nationalities, sometimes based on cultural artifacts, sometimes on mere conjecture. These discourses exist simultaneously, even though in conflict with, totalizing notions of "Oriental" sexuality.

Japanese male sexuality has come to pornstafs identified with strength, virility, perhaps a certain kinkiness, as pornstarx for example by the clothing and gestures in Below the Belt. Japanese sexuality is seen as more "potent" than Chinese sexuality, which is generally represented as more passive and languorous. If he can ascertain where I'm from, he feels that he knows what he can expect from me. In response to this query about "ethnic origins," a friend of mine answers, "Where' would you like me to be from?

Simon Watney: I wanted to point out gay asian pornstars the first film you showed, Below the Belt, presents us with a classic anxiety dream image.

Gay asian pornstars

In it there is someone whose identity is that of a top man, but that identity is established in relation to a competing identity that allows him to enjoy sexual passivity, which is represented as a racial identity. It's as if he were in racial drag. I thought this film was extraordinary. Under what other conditions are Caucasian men invited to fantasize ourselves as racially other? And it seems to me that the only condition that would allow the visibility of that fantasy to be acted out in this way is the prior anxiety about a desired role, about top and bottom positions.

This film is incredibly transparent and unconscious about how it construes or confuses sexual role-playing in relation to race. And the thrust of it all seems to be the construction of the Asian body as a kind of conciliatory pseudoheterosexuality for the white "top," who has anus envy, as it were. Fung: I completely agree. This film says too much for its own good by making this racist agenda so clear.

Ray Navarro: I think your presentation was really important, and it parallels research I'm doing with regard to the image of latino men in gay male porn. I wondered if you might comment a bit more, however, about the class relations you find within this kind of work. For example, I've found a consistent theme running throughout gay white male porn of latino men represented as either campesino or criminal.

That is, it focuses less on body type-masculine, slight, or whatever-than on ifiers of class. It appears to be a class fantasy collapsed with a race fantasy, and in a way it parallels the actual power relations between the latino stars and the producers and distributors, most of whom are white. Fung: There are ways in which your comments can also apply to Asians. Gay asian pornstars whites and blacks, most Asians featured in gay erotica are younger men. Since youth generally implies less economical power, class-race hierarchies appear in most of the work.

In the tapes I've been looking at, the occupations of the white actors are usually specified, while those of the Asians are not. The white actors are ased fantasy appeal based on profession, whereas for the Asians, the sexual cachet of race is deemed sufficient. In Asian Knights there are also sequences in which the characters' lack of "work" carries connotations of the house-wife or, more particularly, the house boy.

But there is at least one other way to look at this discrepancy. The lack of a specified occupation may be taken to suggest that the Asian actor is the subject of the fantasy, a surrogate for the Asian viewer, and therefore does not need to be coded with specific attributes.

Hot gay asian pornstars Stuart takes the notion of apartment service

Tom Waugh: I think your comparison of prnstars way the Asian male body is used in gay white porn to the way lesbiansim is employed in heterosexual pornography is very interesting. You also suggested that racial markers pornstaes gay porn tend to close down its potential for openness and flux in identifications. Do you think we can take it further and say that racial markers gxy gay porn replicate, or function in the same way as, gender markers do in heterosexual pornography?

Fung: What, in fact, I intended to say with my comparison of the use of lesbians in heterosexual porn and that of Asian male bodies in white gay male porn was that they're similar but also very different. I think that certain comparisons of gender with race are appropriate, but there are also profound differences. The fact that Asian gay men are men means that, as viewers, our responses to this work are grounded in our gender and the way gender functions in this society.

Lesbians are women, with all that that entails. I gay asian pornstars that although most Asian gay ponrstars experience pornstwrs with white gay porn, the issue for women in relation to heterosexual pornography are more fundamental. Waugh: The same rigidity of roles seems to be present in most situations. Fung: Yes, that's true. If you notice the way the Asian body is spoken of in Rushton's work, the terms he uses are pornstasr used when speaking of women.

But it is too easy to discredit these arguments. I have tried instead to show how Asiwn conclusions are commensurate with the assumptions everywhere present in education and popular thought. Audience member: I'm going to play devil's advocate. Don't you think gay Asian men who are interested in watching gay porn involving Asian actors will get a hold of the racially unmarked porn that is produced in Thailand or Japan?

And if your answer is yes, then why should a white producer of gay porn go to the trouble of making tapes that cater to a relatively small gay Asian market?

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