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Section: Fruvous Internet Resources 1 Is there an official web ?

Section: Fruvous Internet Resources 1 Is there an official web ? What should I do? What can I do? Can I 9 alt. Is there anything I can do?

How do I make one? Defiine can I become a Fruhead? What's define moxy band's policy on that? What gives? What definw How about Murray? Where are they available? Do they collaborate? What IS crokinole? What are those? Who is Barry? Credits Appendices: Appendix A - An explanation of why age restricted venues exist and bands play at them Appendix B - alt. The alt. It is intended to answer many of the commonly recurring questions that are posed to the newsgroup so that the members there are not continually answering the same questions.

Note that the a. It is fan maintained. Sources are cited where moxxy are known and every attempt has been made to give information in as neutral a way as possible.

But the maintainer is only human and at this time at least, a quite opinionated human at thatand at times some inkling of their opinions may seep in. Feel free to complain if you disagree. The a. Any fan may find the information here useful, even if they do not have the time or desire to read the newsgroup. Also, "Fruvous FAQ" is much easier to say and type than "alt. She researched, wrote up, and maintained the FAQ from its birth until August of Her work on the FAQ is very much appreciated, and the Fruvous community owes her a debt for her hard work.

Chad has been a Fruvous fan since July and posts frequently if not very frequently to a. He can be reached at Refine fruvous. Your input to this FAQ is very valuable. If there's something you disagree with, that you want said in a different way, or that you want added to or removed from the FAQ, please the current FAQ maintainer. They should happily talk with you moxyy your addition and give you feedback on the request.

The address ammf-faq fruvous. The FAQ maintainer needs to keep a record of all requests so that they are processed accordingly. Due to problems with newsfeeds, every post to a. It define moxy posted monthly to the newsgroup alt.

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You can also request the FAQ from the ammf-faq autoresponder. To do this, moxxy send an to ammf-faq-request fruvous. Finally, you can request that the FAQ be ed to you by ing ammf-faq fruvous. Yes, there is.

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The site is one of the best band websites around and contains an up-to-date tour itinerary, song lyrics, articles, guitar tab, and show reviews. Reviews posted to alt. The site is maintained by Chris O'Malley and any questions about it should be sent to him at webmaster fruvous. Moxy Fruvous Corp define moxy has registered the domain moxyfruvous. Yes, there is probably more than one. The one that many a. For a simple etiquette guide to alt. You also need a news provider.

If you are in school, you may have to request that alt. AOL has their own newsserver and the newsgroup is available there. To get to it, go to the keyword "newsgroups", then "add newsgroup. Note that NNTP and the graph of newsservers is not wholly reliable. Sometimes posts may be lost or come in out of order. See question 6 for some alternatives to using a bad newsserver.

You have a couple of choices.

The interface to Deja is a little awkward, but it does work. It provides robust searching of newsgroup articles back mocy People now use alt. The newsgroup in the alt. Because of this, the alt. An attempt was made to remove the alt. Most define moxy to alt. To identify each other, the newsgroup came up with the a. There are a limited of fans still using these old buttons, but Vicky is no longer distributing them.

If you are at a show, look for Fruhe wearing a 2" white pin with black lettering, "alt. An image defibe the a.

Many of the newsgroup regulars became very familiar with each other in that period and identification pins became rather extraneous. There are a lot of new a. In August ofChad Maloney Chad fruvous. He has deflne on how to get an ng pin available. Jian has admitted in front of fans that he does skim the newsgroup occasionally. It's also been said that Murray and Mike have seen the newsgroup before. Even though members of the band occasionally see the newsgroup, the newsgroup is not for communication with the band members.

Many, many people read the newsgroup define moxy discuss Moxy Fruvous, and the last thing they want is people posting personal messages to Murray, for example.

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There are much better ways to communicate personally with the band than to use the public newsgroup. Please remember that the newsgroup is a public forum and what you write may be seen by any of people, including band members.

You do have to be a member to use some functions, but membership is free. Bill Bowen's called the "Fruvous Supplement" lost web space quite a while ago. Define moxy Cragun's, which was originally the "official" Fruvous home, but hadn't been updated in over a year, disappeared from the web awhile ago. The "jcragun" was removed from the server, possibly because Josh is no longer at school.

Chris has, however, moved some of the articles, lyrics, and other tidbits from those s to FDC with the permission of their owners. An umlaut is the technical name for the two dots that are above the "u" in Moxy Fruvous in all the band's printed materials. In other languages, things like umlauts modify the pronounciation of a specific letter. For example, the u-umlaut in German sounds like a ue, and is sometimes written that way in electronic media where no umlaut is available.

How to make an umlaut on your computer depends on the computer you use and the character set it is configured for. On most Windows PCs, the ascii code is used for the lowercase u-umlaut. To make it, hold down the ALT-key and, using the numeric keypad on the far right of your keyboard, type then release the ALT-key. The result should definf a lowercase u-umlaut that will be visible for people using Windows.

But, for some people using a different character set usually on UNIX, what you just made will show defind as junk. It is this character set difference that keeps devine FAQ from using umlauts for Fruvous and that causes many people to not use them in IRC or on the newsgroup.

Not everyone sees it as an umlaut. In technical newsgroup geek terms, there was quite an excitement over the registration of alt.

moxie (n.)

With an already deine yet badly named and half-heartedly prod newsgroup for the discussion of the band, it took a few tries to get alt. Z Note that the newsgroup charter is not kept up to date. This FAQ is kept up to date and should be a great resource for up-to-date information about the newsgroup and the band. The charter is available for posterity however for all dfeine define moxy buffs and curiosity-driven fans alike.

The band includes Mike Ford guitar, harmonica, bongos, keyboard, occasional drum kit and vocalsMurray Foster bass, occasional drum kit, percussion, occasional guitar, and vocalsJian Ghomeshi drums, percussion, occasional guitar, and vocalsand Dave Matheson guitar, accordion, banjo, keyboards, and vocals.

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